Marca is a daily sports newspaper, it´s the most read of the paid newspapers. Marca was486305_10150861080072306_1613468813_a founded on 21 December 1938, in San Sebastian.

Although it covers all the sports, it focuses primarily on football and in the Spanish football team; Real Madrid C.F. Continue reading



phoninosPhonino’s is a new phone company that is growing and wants to enter the market with force. With the crisis many companies have closed small branches and the purpose of the businesses is to lay off lots of workers. Our intention is to improve the business deals and help the client to overcome a critical stage with our prices and offers.
It is an interesting problem because often we hear people who are unhappy with their phone companies. During the first months are happy with what they pay, which is what the companies are showing in their offers. None of them shows you what you are going to pay after the first six months, the first year or 18 months, but arrived to this point, the price increases considerably. That’s what they complain about, the small letter. Continue reading